Jul. 16th, 2012 02:03 pm
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So i opted in on a team where people hit rubber balls with bats. I dont know what the rules are or why were doing this, but fuck it, its fun! I'm on a team with lots of other angry violent people--that Gall Bonecrusher (should be named GAUL Bonecrusher, fuck, shes like a bloody Allobroges that way) really knows how to bring the rightos wrath of a warrior facin immortalty. Good for her!

Were playing our first game soon. More later.......


May. 14th, 2012 01:31 pm
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So i've been looking at more of this internet thing. I mean obviously, I know what it is and why it is (sort of?), but its not like I get a lot of time to look at it. Well, Dio was out with that useless fucking agent Snafu again, so I went down to DoSAT to bug them and wound up finding something called a 'netbook.' An intern showed me how to get wifi on it so Id leave them alone, and now Ive been sitting in the RC reading internet stuff.

Ok, why hasn't anyone told me about ebay before? In 20 minutes i found 3 artillery pieces (you modern types are lousy soldiers but by the gods I love your toys), 2 real nice sets of skinning knives, and one..... I dont know what it is but the warnings on it are 5 times longer than the product descripton and thats a good time if I ever heard of one. Shit! I even got hemp, so next time someone dies we can have a proper respectful funeral.

Oh but you need a credit card for most of these things. So I took Snafu's. Maybe thatll learn him not to make Dio waste her time on him.

And theres this thing called whitehouse.gov, and it's all about the American government and stuff. You people need governments to pay for your doctors? Honestly? What happened to the tribe taking in the elderly or giving the sick a chance to die well? Fat lot of fun 'civilization' cracks up to be huh? (HEY ATHENS, IN YOUR FACE.)

Then there's these 'shock sites' right? Lemonparty and Meatspin and all this stuff that people cant look at. Ok 2girls1cup is sort of........Syrian........but the rest of it is just sex. My favorite part is the people reacting to it. I wrote back some new comments and got banned for trolling, which is aparently saying things other people dont like to hear. Well fuck em, if they want to go through life twitching because they saw someone bite someone else's bits off thats their problem.

The internet is a strange place. Its like all human desires and id motivations are just hanging out there for someone else to poke at, and nothing is ever sacred or secret. Everyones complaining, everyone's offended, lots of anger and confuson and evil. Im not sure i like it, and i think I can see where all this fanfiction is born. Its a dark thought.

So i think i'll stick to ebay. Snafu has good credit.


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