Jul. 16th, 2012 02:03 pm
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So i opted in on a team where people hit rubber balls with bats. I dont know what the rules are or why were doing this, but fuck it, its fun! I'm on a team with lots of other angry violent people--that Gall Bonecrusher (should be named GAUL Bonecrusher, fuck, shes like a bloody Allobroges that way) really knows how to bring the rightos wrath of a warrior facin immortalty. Good for her!

Were playing our first game soon. More later.......


May. 19th, 2012 07:39 pm
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As my mother told it to me.

Ages ago, when gods were young, there was a man who begat three sons: Leipoxais, Arpoxais and Colaxais. They lived on a broad plain, and their father thought to make a kingdom for his sons, but he didnt know which one to choose for a king, and you can't have a kingdom with three kings. So he pondered, and might have ponderd for eternity, when Father Papaios in high heaven lost hold of his golden vessels.

Three of them fell to the ground: a set of ploughmans gear, a drinking cup, and a battle ax, all sheathed in Father Papaios' fire. Leipoxais and Arpoxais tried to take up the golden vessels, but the fire blazed and could not be abated. Then Colaxais tried, and the fire stood aside for him, letting him take up all three items. So it was shown to their father that Colaxais was to be king of the kingdom proclaimed.

But we Scoloti do not bite each others throats like Greek dogfuckers fighting for a crown. Colaxais gave the ploughing things and the battle ax into trust of his brothers, making them the fathers of the Auchatae, the Catiari and the Traspians, while he kept only the golden cup for himself. So it is that gold is in the veins of all Scoloti, from poorest herdkeeper to king with golden cup on golden throne.

I know only that I am an Auchatae, through blood of Leipoxais, and through my mother before me. More I dont know or say right. The blood of Targitaus, and the blood of the keeper of the golden battle ax, is in me. That is why my mother said I would be a fighter, tho she was priestess and peaceful in her way.

Crap the angst alarm is going off. Should probably stop writing, huh? Stupid Dio showing me how to journal......I think I'll shortsheet her bunk.


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